Boot Mobile/BlackBerry

For 2 years, Boost Mobile and BlackBerry had the opportunity to get in touch with true hip-hop fans all across the United States. Boost Mobile and BlackBerry brands achieved over 1 billion impressions through Rock the Bells and Paid Dues events and promotions. Boost Mobile and BlackBerry were able to immerse itself into the core DNA of Rock The Bells and Paid Dues through its branding, on-site activations and promotions.

Boost Mobile Presents Rock the Bells X Press Conference Launch Party Highlights
Boost Mobile Presents – Rock the Bells 2012 Wrap Up
Boost Mobile Presents – Macklemore Behind the Scenes at Paid Dues 2013
10 Year Retrospective

DMA successfully raised over $10 million dollars in brand partnerships for Rock the Bells, starting in 2006